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Abilis Life Sciences

Abilis Life Sciences utilizes proprietary analytics to deliver a more comfortable and cost-effective tool to detect bladder cancer.

Adam 21 Consulting

Improving the world through trusted relationships.  Protecting you, your business and your employees. Your cornerstone for IT Support. Plan-Mitigate-Respond.


Akonni Biosystems is a molecular diagnostics (MDx) company that develops, manufactures, and markets integrated molecular diagnostic systems.

American Shochu

The American Shochu Company is a pioneering distillery and sole producer of Shochu in America, a traditional Japanese clear spirit distilled from barley.

Blue Sources

Blue Sources develops commercial products and services using Bluegils to monitor for toxic contamination in drinking water, wastewater streams, and source waters.


Breezio delivers the next generation of online community software with a rich platform that establishes an ecosystem of curated content.


Covailnt is a social web application specifically designed to make it painless for freelancers to connect with other trusted freelancers: win bigger projects; find smart, reliable partners; and fill your unbooked hours.

Cyber Investigators

We are a Maryland-based digital forensics and cyber investigations firm. Our professionals have extensive experience in government and the private sector as forensic examiners.


Datakwip doesn’t just provide an industry-leading cloud based analytics platform. We pair our platform with ongoing services to help you get the most out of your data. 


Daxia is reinventing the model for derivatives. We are a technology provider that uses smart contracts on Ethereum to issue tokens that represent the long and short sides of an asset.

Digital Nutrition

Digital Nutrition is taking the lead with a holistic, science-based approach to reduce athletic risk injury. 

DSP Logic

DSP logic is a trusted provider of real-time computational electronic systems, technology, and services for critical commercial and defense applications.


Ductoad manufactures simple connectors for flexible residential ducting that allows for smart technology stacking and reduces installation time by 40%.


Goefer provides access to convenient control and unique understanding over your electronics to optimize your use and save money.


HBVtech is a BioPharma company developing novel Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) therapeutics and prophylactics.


Inroads brings big technology to small businesses by providing intelligent business solutions that automate, communicate, track and manage business operations all online.

Janus Sciences, LLC

Janus Sciences, LLC is a new FITCI client. More information coming soon. 

Key City Compost

Key City Compost collects food waste to reduce total landfill volume, reduce tax burdens, and manufacture high-quality soil products to deliver a less expensive and more efficient solution to waste management practices.

Lyme Research & Healing Center

Lyme Research & Healing Center creates natural treatments for chronic infections using advanced electrical frequency diagnostics to identify underlying infections, toxins, and inflammatory compounds. 

Meridian Biogroup

Meridian BioGroup LLC is a validation, regulatory and compliance contract service provider to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities.

Mesa Green Pharmaceuticals

MesaGreen Pharmaceuticals is a virtual animal health pharmaceutical company with development speed and efficiency advantages which results in vastly reduced overhead expenses and flexibility to choose the most suitable resources and contractors available for each stage of product development.

Mesa Science Associates

Whether your development project includes an existing drug compound that is to be re-purposed or is a brand new entity, our team of experienced professionals are available to help.

Molecular Tools

Molecular Tools develops new analytical and detection solutions for researchers and clinical labs with an aim to facilitate advances in human health related research and testing. 


NanoBioFab delivers an innovative, wearable solution to measuring the physiological status of individuals through new smart scent technologies.


Nanova provides the first and only nanofiber Dental Composites that are radiopaque, nanofiber-reinforced, and nano-hybrid universal composite.

Neos Technologies

Neos Technologies is a search fund that focuses on acquiring and operating companies with a proven business model in the Information Technologies (IT) and broad geographic area. 

Oaiscell Biotechnologies

Oaiscell Biotechnologies is a new FITCI client. More information coming soon.  

OncoGone, LLC

OncoGone, LLC is a new FITCI client. More information coming soon.  

PMTR Industries, LLC

PMTR Industries is a Cyber Security/IT firm that provides 

an array of services including: Risk Mgmt. 


Phycin is developing and commercializing proprietary algal expression platforms that transform algae cells into powerhouses that address diverse needs throughout the Life Sciences industry.


Solutions for Autoimmunity – RebuImmunity is a Biotechnology company committed to developing recombinant chimeric peptide for the growing needs of clinical professionals.


ServeFed provides occupational health services nationwide to Federal employees and Corporate employees of the Fortune 500 companies. 


Simmbion designs immune privileged synthetic symbionts and intend to use their innovative platform to deliver therapeutic solutions for rare orphan diseases and pain, and enhance human resilience and performance.

Step Fusion Solutions, LLC

We specialize in design and development of new products and technologies promoting human wellness and Quality of Life. Our signature product line is TATE Home Assistant. It is designed with an interface that interacts with users to help with their routine.

Synthesis Professional Services

Synthesis helps program officers make informed decisions, evaluate and improve program performance, and communicate effectively about their work with dynamic support through every phase of program development from execution to evaluation.


Theradaptive is engaged in the commercialization of a pipeline of therapeutics in fusion, long bone repair, dental repair, osteochondral reconstruction, and peripheral nerve repair.


Truvincio will help you make small changes that can result in signficant improvements to your business, help reduce potential cyber-liability and keep you focused on creating revenue. Let us be your simple solution.

UPL!FT Energy Coaching

UPL!FT Energy Coaching will help your workforce reduce stress and anxiety—both at work and at home. Utilizing an innovative, holistic approach called Strategic Energetic Influence. 

Velocidy Bio

Along with innovative organizations, Velocidy Bio reduces lab protocols from hours to minutes. Allowing increased productivity and reducing stress while generating results. Our main focus is reducing time spent extracting, amplifying and analyzing nucleic acids.

Veralox Therapeutics

Veralox Therapeutics is a small molecule therapeutics company focused on accelerating the development of first-in-class medicines for unmet medical needs.

Wellspring Search

Wellspring Search is a full-service digital marketing agency and lead generation machine with world-class SEO, paid search, Social Media, and web development and management services.

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