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Edge Accelerator Informational Open House at Root

Location: FITCI Root building, 118 North Market Street, Frederick, MD 21701

Date: May 18, 2023

Time: 5:00 pm


The Edge Accelerator is back and better than ever. The 12-week 2023 cohort  begins this summer. Get first hand information about this dynamic resource for startups and early-stage businesses on May 18th at FITCI's downtown ROOT location. This session is a superlative resource for emerging entrepreneurs at the exciting intersection of agriculture and technology known as AgTech.

For more information about the event, sponsorship opportunities or membership, call 301-694-2999 or email [email protected] 

More great events from our community and ecosystem partners:
Frederick County Works

Frederick County Workforce Services

Location: In person

Date: April 4th

Cost: Free

If you took a room of 50 individuals, and asked them to define culture, you’d get 50 different definitions. If you asked that same group of individuals if they had a good culture, you’d get a definitive yes or no answer. The point being that while culture is hard to define, people know when a culture is good or bad.

Given that it is so hard to define but clear to determine its existence, leadership must not leave culture to chance. Culture is something that needs to be defined through the organization’s values and upheld through the actions of employees.

Through this course, you will:   

Understand how to assess current culture  

Identify and prioritize key initiatives that support a strong culture

Culture exists in all organizations whether you know it or not. Good or bad, there’s a presence and that presence is a force large enough to make or break an organization. Surprisingly, organization knows how important culture is, but it is often left to its own devices to be created in most work environments.

If you aren’t intentional about creating a good culture, the work environment will create it for you. Culture may be the new “it” word. As it should be. “It” is what drives your decision making, “it” is what empowers your employees, “it” is what determines where your focus is, and “it” is an integral part of your success internally and externally. If you use a tree to provide a visual of where culture comes into play in an organization, it would be the trunk. The Vision, Mission, and Values are the roots. Culture grows from the roots and the direction of the organization (branches) are fed and nourished by the culture.

The pandemic has caused a shift in the values and systems that people look for in an employer. This workshop is designed to equip small business representatives with the tools they need to develop a sustainable workplace culture that will attract and retain employees, enabling their business to recover and thrive following the pandemic.

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SBDC Webinars

by SBDC Maryland

Location: Online

Date: Ongoing

Cost: Free


This program promotes economic growth in our community. It provides confidential one-on-one business consulting to assist with business start-ups, growth, loans, marketing, government contracting, technology and more with access to resources to help you start, grow or manage your business and, as a non-profit organization; most services here are free.

There is also offer low-cost training events and workshops to help you strengthen your business knowledge and apply it immediately to your business plans. Whether starting a new business or running an existing business, SBDC can help.

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