rfidCollect Acquires RFID Hardware Technology from SwiftID®

Frederick, MD, November 10th, 2022 — rfidCollect, a leading US manufacturer of sensor-based hardware and software applications, has acquired the core RFID technologies of SwiftID, a hardware developer and manufacturer of RFID readers and antennas.

rfidCollect develops and implements integrated RFID- and sensor-based hardware and software solutions to improve data collection. Automatically.

“The addition of SwiftID’s technology broadens our product lines in automatic data collection” said Tim Buckley, rfidCollect’s executive vice president. “It allows us to continue providing customers with the latest in data collection and enhanced information management solutions.”

rfidCollect has been using SwiftID equipment for several years to track products, assets, and people in such controlled environments as healthcare, pharmaceutical processing, and manufacturing industries. “The move to acquire SwiftID technologies aligns perfectly with our company’s mission. It will drive further innovation in our sensor hardware development, and distributed data management on the network edge,” Buckley said.

rfidCollect’s acquisition of SwiftID’s product lines include the SID-400 series of RFID readers operating in the FCC approved 902-928 MHz frequency range. The SID-400 is a small module reader for embedded applications. The SID-402 is a full-size 4-port RFID reader for industrial applications, and the SID-420 is a 4-port RFID reader with onboard processor for network edge management of sensor data. The acquired product suite includes the small but powerful SID-A65 patch antenna designed for embedded applications in controlled climate environments such as data centers, food processing, vaccine dispensing fridges and numerous cold chain logistics applications. Versions of the device are approved for both FCC and ETSI frequency ranges.

The SwiftID technology acquisition follows rfidCollect’s recent expansion with sales offices opened in Austin, TX, Morristown, NJ, and Cape Coral, FL.

ABOUT rfidCollect

rfidCollect, LLC, is an original equipment manufacturer and developer of RFID- and sensor-based advanced data collection solutions. Its main offices are in Columbia and Frederick, MD, and Seattle, WA. The company’s tagging, hardware and software applications are used to track and manage products, assets and people. Its customers typically have substantial regulatory compliance requirements and/or need for enhanced asset management and business process improvement. For more information go to www.rfidcollect.com.

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