Meet Our Clients: Xavier Bruce, Founder of UPL!FT Energy Coaching, LLC

In 2011, Xavier Bruce was enduring the stress of a rocky marriage, raising a son with autism, and struggling through the doctoral dissertation process—all while on active duty in the Air Force, deployed amid rocket attacks in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The crucible of those experiences ultimately led to the creation of his company, UPL!FT Energy Coaching, which helps clients develop resiliency and strategic energetic influence to address their problems. After getting professional help from a life coach himself, “Dr. X”, as he’s known, became passionate about helping uplift others. UPL!FT Energy Coaching is based on 21 life dimensions that help clients to identify their energy block, analyze their energy level, and…

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Business Incubators – A Misconception

In 2016 Kathie Callahan Brady, CEO of Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI), received a basket of fuzzy baby chicks as a present. This was the gift her friends gave her when she joined the business incubator; she stared at the basket, puzzled. Noticing her expression, Kathie’s friends said, “you work for an incubator, right?” She paused and then laughed as she explained that her business did not relate to incubating baby chickens. It was at that moment it became apparent to Kathie that business incubators are not a well-known concept. However, from that misunderstanding came the best analogy Kathie could have asked for: Business incubators provide support for companies…

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Meet Our Clients: James Cox, Founder of Adam 21 Consulting

Safety and security have been the dominant themes of Jim Cox’s career, which includes military service (he retired as a Army Command Sergeant Major), law enforcement and security for data centers. The last ultimately led Jim to add cybersecurity to his portfolio of security expertise. Cox’s company, Adam 21 Consulting, brings all of these experiences to bear with expertise in  enterprise risk, physical security, emergency management, information technology, and strategic planning. Even the name itself has a security meaning: “Adam 21” was Cox’s call sign in Special Ops, where he served on SWAT, protected dignitaries, and provided physical security at special events. Long active in Frederick’s tech scene, Jim did…

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Meet Our CLients: Warren Robold, Executive VP of Sales, Strategy, and Development of Truvincio

Truvincio’s goal is simple: to make sure that every business, regardless of size, can find that achieving good security is well within their reach, even for the smallest of companies. Founded in 2015, the company’s work is premised on the notion that employees are both a company’s most important asset and expense as well as its biggest risk.  According to Warren Robold, a Frederick entrepreneur with over two decades of experience with start-ups, 90% of losses resulting from security breaches and data losses are the result of human error. Truvincio focuses on that 90% through tailored education of employees and customizable policies and procedures. Says Robold: “Through our low cost…

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Meet Our Clients: Jeff Strovel, CEO of VERALOX Therapeutics

Thrombocytopenia is a big word that can carry big consequences for those struggling with rare blood disorders, especially among those using heparin to treat and prevent blood clots. And for Jeff Strovel, it’s a personal as well as scientific challenge: he lost his father to complications from the disorder. VERALOX Therapeutics, which Dr. Strovel co-founded with COO Matthew Boxer and CSO David Maloney, is focused on developing a small molecule therapeutic that targets heparin-induced thrombocytopenia & thrombosis. The good news is that VERALOX has made significant progress on this effort. The company’s drug is the only one that specifically targets the root cause of this blood disorder and will be a…

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Meet Our Clients: Todd Lizambri, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of IndusIntel

With degrees in electrical and computer engineering, a stint at Cisco working on enterprise software and network management, and kids almost ready to leave the nest, education, professional experience, and life-timing came together for Todd Lizambri and a start-up. Along with two former Cisco colleagues in California (“They’re in San Jose, so they figured they needed a start up,” he jokes), Todd founded IndusIntel, which brings the capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) to the world of industrial manufacturing. The company supports the new era of manufacturing, known as Manufacturing 4.0 (advanced, technologically based), which requires hardware and software capabilities to measure and reveal the state of quality and functionality…

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Meet Our Clients: Dr. Thomas Hart, Director of ADA Foundation/Volpe Research Center

Dr. Tom Hart is working to bring innovation and partnerships to a nearly 100 year old institution: the research arm of the American Dental Association’s Foundation, which develops and sets standards for dental products for industry practitioners. Housed in the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST), where the ADA Foundation’s Volpe Research Center has had a long standing CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement), Dr. Hart has led NIST-based initiatives to transfer basic science knowledge to dental practice. So why has such a longstanding institution come to FITCI?  According to Dr. Hart, the affiliation with FITCI is part of a broad effort to develop new materials with anti-microbial properties…

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Meet Our Clients – Phil Yang, The Principal of Oaiscell Biotechnologies

Phil Yang’s passion is translating basic science to life-saving medicine. With a Ph.D in Immunology from Duke University, and numerous academic publications, Dr. Yang is now at FITCI working on a next generation protein purification system that quickly produces a large amount of native, non-tagged proteins. The current process to purify native, non-tagged proteins is tedious and time consuming, requiring several steps of Ion Exchange HPLC, Gel Filtration etc. To simplify protein purification, Dr. Yang and his collaborator developed a novel protein purification system. The system utilizes an immobilized, extensively engineered protease that recognizes and binds strongly to the Profinity tag that is fused to the N-terminus of the target…

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Meet Our Clients: Will Sykora, Founder of Covailnt

It was a new home with wells that went dry that ultimately led Will Sykora to create Covailnt, a tech start-up focused on creating a validation platform for tech freelancers to connect with each other and potential clients. To cope with the unexpected cost of connecting to a municipal water system, Will moonlighted as a design consultant while working a 9-5, eventually ending up at T. Rowe Price as a UX designer. Working both day and night jobs meant he needed to be as effective and efficient as possible, including when it came to vetting prospective partners to meet client needs. When the people he had confidence in were busy, Will needed…

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Meet Our Clients: Dr. Olena Lar – Founder & CEO of Molecular Tools

As a young girl growing up in rural Ukraine, Dr. Olena Lar always thought of herself as a future scientist. She was particularly inspired by the books she read as a ten and eleven year old– futuristic science fiction written for adults–whose protagonists served as role models for the Greek ideal of a well-rounded citizen, versed in both science and the arts. After receiving her Ph.D in Molecular Genetics at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics in Kiev, Dr. Lar came to the U.S. for a post-doc in Michigan and eventually settled in the Washington, D.C. area. Her company, Molecular Tools, develops new bioassays for researchers and clinical labs,…

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