Meet Thomas Stein, Founder of Trivance Design, LLC

Tom Stein is a guy with lots of ideas who has always loved making things, and wanted to start his own business. Following the advice of a mentor to build on the idea with the most value, he founded Trivance Design, LLC which aims to improve human health by encouraging more students to pursue STEM careers. Trivance Design assembles open-source hardware and software into affordable science curricula, allowing students and faculty to 3D print living cells in their courses. While the courseware is proprietary, by offering open-source designs and packages built from off-the-shelf products, Tom hopes to make bioprinting accessible to students beyond elite, well-funded four-year universities, and make a…

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Meet Our Clients: Sue Carr, President of CarrTech, LLC

“If you can come up with a solution to this problem, you’ll be a millionaire.” While attending pharmacy school, Sue Carr worked in a hospital as a pharmacy technician, becoming quickly frustrated by the cumbersome process that follows when health-care providers break open glass ampules to dispense medication. Inevitably, glass shards must be filtered out with a filter needle. Once filtered, the needle full of glass shards must be recapped, removed and discarded. A new needle then must be attached to the syringe to dispense the medication. This becomes more than an inconvenience during emergencies or other situations where the filter needle is not used properly. Pulmonary embolism is one…

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Meet Our Clients: Jill Pecon-Slattery, President of Cornerstone Genomics LLC

As a kid, Dr. Jill Pecon-Slattery was in love with nature—frogs, butterflies, and all living things. A childhood spent outdoors exploring the natural world led, logically, to a career in science, although Jill’s path has had twists and turns. Initially, she wanted to be a marine field biologist; with a master’s degree in oceanography, Jill envisioned herself as the next Jacques Cousteau. She pivoted to human biomedicine and animal biology research, however, and over the course of her career, a significant insight emerged which ultimately spurred the creation of Cornerstone Genomics. Most researchers struggle with identifying which part of a DNA sequence is useful for their research problem. Her company…

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Meet Our Clients: Sage Winn, Co-Founder of Wander

Sage Winn was raised in Frederick County, so it was only natural that when he co-founded Wander, which sells all-natural hemp products, the shop would be located in downtown Frederick. Wander sources botanicals from an extraction expert, who extracts the hemp using food-grade ethanol. The hemp product is manufactured by hand, by Sage and his partners Simon Arendt and Charles Banks, for sale at the shop on South Market Street. With Wander, Sage has combined his experience with a Washington, D.C. lab that processed cannabis edibles and as a chef of 10 course tasting menus in New York and San Francisco.  The three owners aim to connect with their customers…

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Meet our Clients: Karl Hindle, Founder of Wellspring Search

Karl Hindle is an “accidental immigrant” originally from Manchester, England, who has always been something of an athletic nerd. Being good at sports led him first to the army, followed by college and an early career in accounting. His natural ebullience had him pivot to a career in sales, and when the early days of the Internet arrived, he was quickly hooked—and self-taught– on digital. He hasn’t looked back since. Wellspring Search, a full-service digital marketing agency and lead generation machine, is Karl’s manifestation of building his own dream.  Started two years ago in his hot tub room, Wellspring has grown rapidly and been profitable right out of the gate.…

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Meet Our Clients: Pierre Reed, Founder of PMTR Industries

Dr. Pierre Reed loves cyber. Really, really, loves cyber. “If I won the lottery, I’d do it for free” says the founder of PMTR Industries, a cybersecurity service business based in Frederick. “It’s constantly changing and requires adaptive skills to remain at the top of the field.” Dr. Reed was introduced to cyber when he began his career with the U.S. Army Signal Corps. After four years in the military, he moved to US Sprint as a network engineer and from there developed his expertise in governance, policy development, medical device security, secure wireless networking, and proposal writing for a variety of government agencies and contractors, private industry clients, and…

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Meet Our Clients: Xavier Bruce, Founder of UPL!FT Energy Coaching, LLC

In 2011, Xavier Bruce was enduring the stress of a rocky marriage, raising a son with autism, and struggling through the doctoral dissertation process—all while on active duty in the Air Force, deployed amid rocket attacks in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The crucible of those experiences ultimately led to the creation of his company, UPL!FT Energy Coaching, which helps clients develop resiliency and strategic energetic influence to address their problems. After getting professional help from a life coach himself, “Dr. X”, as he’s known, became passionate about helping uplift others. UPL!FT Energy Coaching is based on 21 life dimensions that help clients to identify their energy block, analyze their energy level, and…

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Business Incubators – A Misconception

In 2016 Kathie Callahan Brady, CEO of Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI), received a basket of fuzzy baby chicks as a present. This was the gift her friends gave her when she joined the business incubator; she stared at the basket, puzzled. Noticing her expression, Kathie’s friends said, “you work for an incubator, right?” She paused and then laughed as she explained that her business did not relate to incubating baby chickens. It was at that moment it became apparent to Kathie that business incubators are not a well-known concept. However, from that misunderstanding came the best analogy Kathie could have asked for: Business incubators provide support for companies…

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Meet Our Clients: James Cox, Founder of Adam 21 Consulting

Safety and security have been the dominant themes of Jim Cox’s career, which includes military service (he retired as a Army Command Sergeant Major), law enforcement and security for data centers. The last ultimately led Jim to add cybersecurity to his portfolio of security expertise. Cox’s company, Adam 21 Consulting, brings all of these experiences to bear with expertise in  enterprise risk, physical security, emergency management, information technology, and strategic planning. Even the name itself has a security meaning: “Adam 21” was Cox’s call sign in Special Ops, where he served on SWAT, protected dignitaries, and provided physical security at special events. Long active in Frederick’s tech scene, Jim did…

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Meet Our CLients: Warren Robold, Executive VP of Sales, Strategy, and Development of Truvincio

Truvincio’s goal is simple: to make sure that every business, regardless of size, can find that achieving good security is well within their reach, even for the smallest of companies. Founded in 2015, the company’s work is premised on the notion that employees are both a company’s most important asset and expense as well as its biggest risk.  According to Warren Robold, a Frederick entrepreneur with over two decades of experience with start-ups, 90% of losses resulting from security breaches and data losses are the result of human error. Truvincio focuses on that 90% through tailored education of employees and customizable policies and procedures. Says Robold: “Through our low cost…

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