15 Year Anniversary

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FITCI Reunion

Are You Adventure Ready?

Date: January 30, 2019
Time: 05:00 PM
Location: Hodson Auditorium at Rosenstock Hall

Address: Hood College
400 Ferndale Avenue, Frederick, MD 21701

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15 Year Anniversary


Date: May 15, 2019
Time: 04:30 PM
Location: Frederick Municipal Airport hangar
Address: 296 Bucheimer Rd, Frederick, MD 21701

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 15 Year Awards    VOTE TODAY !

The Cliffjumper Award is given to the entrepreneur who has taken the greatest risk but has gained the greatest reward. They endured so many ups and downs, but kept on persevering and as a result have a successful company today. This entrepreneur is an inspiration to fellow entrepreneurs in showing them that the adventure is long and rocky but you just have to take the leap and trust in yourself!

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The Design Envy Award is given to the company with the coolest and unique office design which creates an awesome culture within the company. This office is the envy of all other office spaces. The nominees for this Award, just like the Cliffjumper Award, will be announced at our 15 Year Anniversary on May 15th, 2019

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Nick Irons is an author, ultra-endurance athlete, and strength and conditioning coach. Nick made national headlines when he became the first person in 70 years to swim the length of the Mississippi River and the first to swim it with the locks and dams of its "modern" form.

In 1997, Nick became the second person in seventy years to swim the length of the Mississippi River, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the first to swim it with the locks and dams of its "modern" form, all in an effort to help raise awareness and funding for multiple sclerosis (MS), the disease his father has lived with for twenty years.
In 2000, Nick completed a 10,000-mile bike tour around the perimeter of the United States, once again to further research efforts for MS. A gifted author and speaker, Irons shows the rest of us how to make our biggest dreams come true. 
Please click HERE to attend Nick's "Are You Adventure Ready" speech for our 15th year Anniversary Reunion.

FITCI Reunion - Are you Adventure Ready?

January 30, 2019

Sneak Peek

  Photoshoot and yearbook signing   

   Best of FITCI Award ceremony 

  Speaker: “Adventure Ready”  

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