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are AVAILABLE to all ENTREPRENEURS housed at fitci

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Funding Acquisition Assistance

Network, marketing & public promotion

Securing the proper financing for a growing company can make the difference between a successful company and an unsuccessful one.

FITCI will arrange consulting services to:

  • identify potential funding sources

  • work with clients as they apply for funds

  • assist the company in acquiring the most appropriate funding sources based upon the needs of the company

FITCI assists client companies by actively engaging networks of interested businesses and investors within the local community.


FITCI will make the appropriate introductions and connections for the success of the client through their extensive network of business people, government officials, and prominent individuals within the local, state, and national communities.

Coaching & Mentoring

Business Plan Support

FITCI recognizes the value of ensuring that each client has the best business plan and requires a business plan for admittance from each entrepreneurial applicant.

Once accepted into the program FITCI will:

  • assist clients with periodic reviews and recommended updates to the business plan

  • provide general business consulting assistance

  • identify consultants and assist in acquiring the resources necessary to achieve the desired plan.

FITCI's Mentoring Program supports our clients with experienced business leaders. These mentors bring experience, wisdom, and influential contacts within a particular industry segment to the emerging entrepreneur.

Mentors have specialized areas such as

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketing

  • Human Resource Management

  • Finance

They may be more technologically or industry focused, such as Bio-defense research, Pharmaceutical research or Software.

Entrepreneur Education

FITCI promotes a number of educational programs meant to provide a foundation of knowledge to entrepreneurs.

Informative seminars focused upon topics relevant to our clients are also held periodically onsite at FITCI.

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